• December 3, 2019

IMSMART Token started their IEO in Chaincreator exchange, everyone can participate by visiting official website and simply click the IEO button to direct you the Chaincreator exchange.

IMSMART Token the utility of value. SmartIoT Technology and IMSMART COMPANY LIMITED assembled a new project called SME 360 Solution. It’s an Eco system that will cater the needs of all SME’s in Thailand.

SME 360’s ecosystem aims to provide technology services to over 3 Million SME’s in Thailand. Our ecosystem is a combination of Smart Phone technology application, Internet of Everything (IoET), Blockchain Technology and Tokenomics.

AR/ Augmented reality: Using the power of IoT, SME’s in Thailand will be able to use an Application called SmartIoT App to scan an image that will show a video to help them elucidate their product or to deliver a message using AR triggering to play a video.

Digital Business Card: Digital Business Card is a social media application that is used as a sales and marketing tool.

iMTrade Online: Is an online marketplace which serves as a hub for all SME’s to promote and sell their products.

DropOff 360: Is a product distribution and logistics platform that will enable the marketplace logistics.

IMPAY: Is an electronic payment solution, combining the power of mobile wallet and electronic card.

Blockchain Supply: Is a lending and supply chain platform harnessing the power of Blockchain.

SME 360 ecosystem will complete the puzzle by taking advantage to  all the tools and services offered to SME’s, linking to cryptocurrency token IMSMART Token will play a big role to speed up all transactions and  with the ERC20 blockchain authenticity and transparency will be achieved.

Come and join us click this link to participate in our IEO.